ESCINC has been providing services to the Federal Government on several Engineering projects since its inception.

It provides specialized technical support services in laboratory soils testing, in-situ soils testing, and borehole inspections in addition to geotechnical design and analyses; technical services in the area of asphalt binders and mixtures, including comprehensive ashpalt and binder testing; general laboratory support services to Federal research laboratories; comprehensive Non-destructive testing and evaluation support services.

Due to the need for storing and analyzing the large amounts of data generated by the Engineering tests, custom database applications were designed and developed to suit the specific needs of the contract.  ESCINC has developed a niche for itself by successfully developing secure Web-based applications that access huge databases and provide authorized users with requested information in a useful format. Customized charting and reporting modules are developed as part of the application so that it is a comprehensive solution to the users' needs.

As a part of the full life cycle application development, ESCINC has provided Business Analysis and Project Management services and been very successful in providing highly satisfactory levels of Customer Support for Siebel customers. The Siebel Technical Support knowledge base has been improved by the addition of FAQs, Alerts, Technical Notes and Service Request Solutions.

Through its commitment to quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction, ESCINC is dedicated to making a valuable contribution to Engineering and IT areas. As a testament to its success, ESCINC has cultivated an excellent relationship with its government customer, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and has been retained on several projects since 1997. 


For further information or assistance, please contact us at (703) 421-4004 or via e-mail at

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